About us

Ynnovate was founded in 2011 in the Netherlands by Fleur Pullen. Enthusiastic, inspiring, curious, decisive, innovative and a bit stubborn; those are her keywords.

Fleur has extensive experience within the public sector. She studied Business Management at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and successfully completed the Executive MBA at the prestigious Nyenrode Business University. She wrote her MBA thesis about the opportunities of open innovation for governments.

For more than a decade, Fleur has been focusing on innovation in the public sector. In 2011, she decided to found Ynnovate after experiencing a lack of knowledge and practical tools when it comes to innovation. Under her enthusiasm, the Ynnovators Network grew into the largest public sector innovation network in the Netherlands Γ‘nd the longest existing one in the world.Β 

In 2017, Fleur published the book Lets Ynnovate! in which the innovation process according to the Ynnovate method is explained. As a leading expert in public sector innovation, Fleur is currently working on the international expansion of Ynnovate.

While doing so, she is also travelling around the world in her campervan. You can follow her vanlife adventures via @frompennytomany.

πŸ“§ fleur@letsynnovate.com