Ynnovate is all about people. That is why we love to share stories of the people that are part of the network. You can read the stories by clicking on the image or the link of the story.

Fleur Tillekens

When you’re talking about innovation it’s impossible to overlook Fleur’s efforts in bringing creativity, energy and connection within the Dutch Defense organisation. “I see social innovation as a big opportunity in the military context.”

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Annemarie de Bont

How might we use perspectives from our city’s inhabitants to improve our work? That is one of the main challenges Annemarie de Bont sees in innovating her work environment.“Sometimes I go too fast, not everyone can switch that easily”

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Ineke Kievit

Ineke’s curiosity leads to many why-questions, which is her enabler towards creating improvement in her organization. “When I started working for the municipality, it felt like setting a step back. It really took me some time to get to know the rules and the structure.”

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Renée Barbilion

Renée and Ynnovate were like a match made in heaven when she got trained in the Ynnovate approach. “Being curious and creative makes it easy for me not to view a problem as a problem but as a challenge. I am 55 years old, but I keep developing, learning, and exploring!” 

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Tim Sachse

As a webinar specialist, it is normally Tim himself who asks all the questions. But this time, we get to discover what drives him as an Ynnovator. Tim definitely isn’t one to sit and wait for change to happen. He is a go-getter that feels that entrepreneurship should be more encouraged within the public sector. 

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