Partner Program

We are currently expanding our Ynnovators network across borders via our Partner Program. We believe that by connecting to innovative partners in other countries, we can make more impact on the public sector together.

Ynnovate achieves innovation through a growing network of Ynnovators, public sector employees who are trained to facilitate innovation. The Ynnovate approach contains a structured method, innovative tools and techniques, a complete innovation training and the book Let’s Ynnovate!

Potential partners

Ynnovate wants to connect with organizations that are keen to join our mission of boosting public sector innovation. Our Partner Program is exclusive and structured with a licensing agreement, limited to one partner per geographical area/country.

Potential partners to join the Partner Program will have to fit the following profile:

  1. Strong ambition in boosting public sector innovation combined with an impact-driven mindset and a hands-on mentality
  2. Experience in providing (on- and offline) training courses and experience in facilitating innovation processes, sessions and workshops
  3. Enthusiastic about the opportunity to build a successful network of Ynnovators in their country using the Ynnovate method and tools to train public sector employees
  4. Existing network in the public sector and an understanding of the political environment in which public sector organizations operate
  5. A corporate culture that is similar to that of Ynnovate: innovative, enthusiastic, energetic and action-driven

Benefits of becoming a partner

The Partner Program is a great way to expand your existing business and/or create new business opportunities in the field of public sector innovation. Part of the licensing agreement is:

  • the exclusive right to apply the Ynnovate methodology within the public sector in a certain geographical area. This includes facilitation Ynnovate workshops as well as training public sector employees in applying the Ynnovate method in their own organizations
  • the exclusive right to use the (EU registered) brand name and perform activities using the brand name in your geographical area
  • access to all the training materials needed to perform the courses including the exclusive right to print and sell the book Let’s Ynnovate! in your geographical area
  • a train-the-trainer program to share all our knowledge, skills and tips as well as a coaching program of one year to learn how to successfully start as an Ynnovate partner
  • the possibility to share knowledge and experience on public sector innovation within others partners and to connect public sector innovation networks across borders, thus making a bigger impact

If you are enthusiastic about Ynnovate and would like to get more information about the possibility of joining as a partner, please send us an e-mail. We would love to connect with you!