Ynnovate Method

Let’s Ynnovate stands for innovation; in approach, energy and results. After years of experimenting and learning in practice, we developed the Ynnovate method. A method that you take with you in a number of steps through an innovation process.

We believe that innovation doesn’t start with an idea. It starts with a problem you want to solve. Innovation is a group process; we need each other to realize new ideas in the complex context of a public organizations. In the Ynnovate method the composition of the group Γ‘nd the role of the problem holder is therefore essential.

The Ynnovate process

The Ynnovate process consists of six steps. In each step you use creative techniques to get to new insights and ideas. By following the steps and using the techniques you can create an innovative result in an energetic way.

The complete process is documented in the book Let’s Ynnovate. This book is the ultimate guide to the Ynnovate method with an overview of all the steps, lots of practical information and detailed how-to’s of each creative technique.Β 

By following the Ynnovate Training you will learn the complete Ynnovate method. Participants that complete the training join the network of Ynnovators. The goal of the network is to share experiences and inspiration when it comes to public sector innovation.