Here you can find an overview of the activities of Let’s Ynnovate:



6, 7 & 8 DecemberΒ 2023 Ynnovate Training (in english) (more info)


15 June 2023 The Creative Bureaucracy Festival, Berlin (more info)

12 – 16 April 2023 Workshop ‘Let’s Ynnovate the public sector: how to boost change from within’ at the CREA Conference 2023, Italy (more info)

9 november 2022 Workshop ‘Boosting work creativity & innovation by dopamine’ at Connect2Create, TU Delft, The Netherlands (more info)

9 & 10 november 2022 Connect2Create, TU Delft, The Netherlands (more info, photos & aftermovie)

6 July 2021 Presentation Let’s Ynnovate at the OECD Public Sector Innovation network meeting (more info)