With the slogan Let’s Ynnovate, we connect people who want to be at the forefront of innovation within the public sector. Only by working together we can we achieve real change!

We focus on creating networks of Ynnovators; people that are passionate about the public sector and who want to help facilitate innovation. Ynnovators are trained in the Ynnovate method. Together the Ynnovators form a network that boosts the realization of public sector innovation.

There is already a big network of 1.500 Ynnovators. They boost innovation from within their organization, whether this is a governmental body, school or a health care organization. If you are curious about some of their experiences, check out their stories.

Join the Network

Let’s Ynnovate is all about connecting people that want to create a better public sector. People with the right mindset and attitude. We believe that together we can make the public sector more innovative!

If you want to join our mission, we invite you to participate in the Ynnovate Training. Everyone that follows the training, will be invited to join our international community of Ynnovators. That way, you can connect with like-minded innovation boosters throughout the whole world and share your knowledge and your challenges.

Partner Program

If you are enthusiastic about our approach and would like to become the coordinator of a network of Ynnovators in your country, please get in touch. We are expanding our network together with new partners with our Partner Program.