Ynnovate Training

To boost innovation in the public sector, we organise the Ynnovate Training. During 3,5 days participants dive into the world of innovative problem-solving. And afterwards, they join the network as an Ynnovator to work on public sector innovation together!

During the training, you are intensively educated in the use of creative techniques according to the Ynnovate method: a proven approach when it comes to innovation in the public sector. Part of the Ynnovate Training is learning how to facilitate innovation workshops that create energy Γ‘nd innovative results!

Participants of the Ynnovate Training become members of the Ynnovators Network and can rightly call themselves Ynnovators, using the Ynnovate method in their organisation.

Want to know more?

  • Download here the Facstsheet of the Ynnovate Training containing more information about the program and costs
  • Check out the Flyer about the Ynnovate Training
  • Please note that participating in the Ynnovate Training is only possible if you work in the public sector (government, education, and healthcare).